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The purpose of this blog isn't simply to post a list of negative threads. It's more an effort in highlighting the very best places to eat, drink and be merry. All experiences are my own, or with my family. There is no connection between myself or any of the establishments other than as a paying punter. If you take exception to any post, please feel free to offer your own comments. This is meant to be a fair an honest opinion of where we've eaten.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Chesters Grove Garden Centre

I usually visit Chesters Grove - Garden Centre in Chester Moor, (on the road to Chester le Street) for my bedding plants, shrubs and fruit bushes. However, I was recently drawn into the coffee shop by the mouth-watering smell of mince and dumplings bubbling on the hot plate. I have a very soft spot for this dish, hence my tight rule of only allowing such indulgence once a year, and that my birthday. This was a day for change, I laughed in the face of numerous calories, I tweaked the nose of indigestion and ran riot with a Desperate Dan size portion, which from behind, showed only the top of my head. As I jammed each forkful into the widening aperture between jaws and lips, I heeded not the eyes of onlookers. I was in a zone you see, a mince and dumpling zone, a dark bisto place all of its own, a dangerous place for any interruption. I see nothing but the rich well-seasoned mince, the crusty dumplings with their light fluffy filling, and the gravy, oh the gravy, dark as the deepest pool, and velvety thick.

When I finished, it was almost like being awaked from a dream. The satisfaction was in the eating. I have been back three times since this post. Beware the dependency that this dish can cause. A habit-forming slavery to mince and dumplings.

FOOD 10 SERVICE 10 VALUE 10 REFER 10 TOTAL: 40 Tops the Good Food Quest table!