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The purpose of this blog isn't simply to post a list of negative threads. It's more an effort in highlighting the very best places to eat, drink and be merry. All experiences are my own, or with my family. There is no connection between myself or any of the establishments other than as a paying punter. If you take exception to any post, please feel free to offer your own comments. This is meant to be a fair an honest opinion of where we've eaten.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Amalfi Restaurant 148 West Nile Street, Glasgow

We thought we’d take the children for a pizza and this Italian Pizza house did a pretty decent job. Situated in the centre of Glasgow, the Amalfi restaurant may not look a great deal from outside, but it’s the food that matters and those who serve it- am I right? Inside it’s very snug; the kitchen smokes away behind you and open to view, (which I always like). We ordered a portion of calamari and mushrooms on bruschetta to start, the children opting for potato skins (I did try to dissuade them!) The starters were okay, but the main course was good. My wife and I both choose the spaghetti with sausage, (lots of sage in there and fantastic tomato sauce). The boys shared a pizza, which was decent.

The service was tentative and helpful (although the poor waitress couldn’t speak a word of English- perhaps no bad thing. We enjoyed a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio not what I originally ordered. The owner searched the wine fridge but couldn’t find a bottle; instead he thrust a bottle of the Pinot Grigio into the waitress’ hand. I think he should have come over and explained rather than leaving it to the waitress knowing her English was limited. Can’t for the life of me understand when it’s your own business, how easy it is to forget the importance of ‘touching flesh’ and interacting with your customers. Hey-ho!

I would recommend Amalfi, if you're in Glasgow, but a touch expensive perhaps for the food.

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