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Monday, 22 February 2010

Royal Fisheries, 48 Baxtergate, Whitby, North Yorkshire

It’s a fact. Whitby is famous for its fish and chips, or should that be number of chippies? Most famous is the steep stepped ‘Magpie’ that attracts a long queue even on the very coldest of days. Yes, the Magpie is very, very good, but you need to be into your 'doily mood' to feel comfortable with the décor. I know!…it’s the food not the furnishings that should be top of the agenda, but you can’t ignore the obvious and if I’m not comfortable, then I’m not going to be totally in tune with what’s on the plate.

So where do we go from the Magpie? Try a walk down to ‘Trenchers’ and you’ll find a very different experience. Much more family friendly and with a menu that’s built to suit every taste. But here it is. The Magpie and Trenchers are way beyond most family budgets. Yes, they’re both good but far too expensive! Gosh it’s only fish and chips after all!

In my opinion, the best place to enjoy your fish supper (or dinner) is the Royal Fisheries! You’ll find this family run restaurant on Baxtergate. Google it! Just a short walk from the swing bridge. My family and I visit the Royal Fisheries on just about every visit to Whitby. Great fish and chips and at SENSIBLE PRICES! Come down off your vertigo menu Magpie and Trenchers. This is how it should be. Our family of four had Haddock and Chips twice, with two children’s portions of fish and chips, all with mushy peas and soft drinks for under £23.00. That was at the table, inside the restaurant, served by friendly polite staff. Nothing pretentious (thinking Magpie chequered plates) no in-and-out jostling (thinking TrencheRs).

From the exterior you might be fooled into thinking the Royal Fisheries is coach trippers' paradise, such are the garish graphics that adorned the facia. Get past this small obstacle and I promise you won’t be disappointed. The best fish and chips in Whitby, in both my wife’s opinion and that of our children too! Count me in too!


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